April 2012

By the end of the Rammstein concert Sunday night at the nearly-packed DCU Center people were set on fire, sprayed with water, showered with confetti, and covered in foam. It was also visual proof that the six-piece metal act from Berlin know exactly how to put on a memorable show.

Taking a page out of Nintendo's book, Sony has announced that many of its popular characters will square off in a fight to the finish.


There comes a time when a game not only embraces artistic integrity, it puts it front and center in the gaming experience. Titles such as Flower and Journey have done this well in the past, in which gameplay, storytelling, and visual beauty combine to create a unique experience. Newcomers Polytron Corporation (with some assistance from Trapdoor, the makers of the violently brilliant Warp) have done just that with its Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Fez, a game that not only gives nods to old-school gaming, but also successfully meshes it with new-school style.

Pop punk pioneers Shonen Knife, who recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a Ramones cover album, has announced that they'll be releasing a brand new studio album this June.

It's a real shame when a band really hits its stride, only to announce they're disbanding as soon as they're finished with their current tour. Such is the sad case of LAZYgunsBRISKY, an all-girl rock band from Japan whose past works were comparable to the likes of old-school Guns N' Roses and the Raw Power era of The Stooges. Last September they released their second self-titled full-length album in their homeland (and released in America this week), showcasing the sheerest elements needed to thrive in the rock world.

The days of hardcore side-scrolling mass anarchy shooters appears to be upon us once again, as Boston's own Demiurge Studios has unleashed Shoot Many Robots, a game that is as insane as it will drive you to become. It's been well over a year since I went hands-on with it at PAX East 2011, so how has it fared since then?

After spending last weekend at two conventions, the Bastards reconvene for an all-new episode.

We the Bastards were able to take the trip down to the very lovely Holiday Inn Events Room in Mansfield, MA for the AFO Night of Champions.

Ok, I know I am late with this one, but by the time I got home and over the past few days I have been tired and work did not slow down also. So I finally am going to take some time to document the final day where I was fully made into a zombie. You wake up after an event like this and as much as you like it, your body tells you that this cannot keep going on. Especially after dancing the night away at the curse party, I realized on Monday that I did not have the strength to shift my car into reverse. Let’s jump into what the final day had to offer.