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April 2012

The Bastards are given a walkthrough of the first bits of the upcoming free-to-play title Firefall from Red 5.

Before we jump into Ghost Recon Online, I wanna take care of some confusion about the three SEPARATE Ghost ReconĀ titles they presented at PAX East. First there'sĀ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which will be on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Second Ghost Recon Online will be on PC and the Wii U, with the PC version playable on any internet browser. Finally there's Ghost Recon: Commander, a playable app on Facebook. For this piece, however, we'll be focusing on Ghost Recon Online.

The very first scene I bore witness to at the PAX East demo for Spec Ops: The Line had me hurdling in a helicopter through a ruined Dubai, as opposing forces were doing everything they could to shoot us down while we were returning fire. Its fast-paced moments had me gripping my controller ever-so tightly as my copter swerved around rotting towers, while my jaw dropped slightly as I lit up enemy copters and tore down crumbling buildings. Then came the kicker: the helicopters all got trapped in a sandstorm, ripping through everything until the screen turned black. I realized at that moment that Spec Ops: The Line was turning out to be a wartime game unlike anyone has ever seen.

The next addition of Monday Night Combat is just around the corner! If you haven't heard of this game, go to your Xbox or PC right now and download it for some kickass fun!!!

Android fans of the Dungeon Overlord Facebook game will be happy to hear that elements of their game can now be played on their phone.

Blueonic sits down with the two minds that brought the visual and written aspects of 2K Games and Yager Development's upcoming shooterĀ Spec Ops: The Line.

I stumbled on some greatness at PAX East when I bumped into Andrew Brown, Community Manager at Triforce, while taking a look at Ghost Recon Online. He told me about the awesome video game replicas his company makes, from guns to statues of characters, and invited me on down to their booth.

The Bastards take you onto the floor at PAX East with some of the biggest and newest stars of the gaming development world!

How can one not fall in love with a game with a title likeĀ Drunken Robot Pornography? The folks at Dejobaan Games (who are behind the brilliantĀ AaAaAA!!!Ā series) brought its unique first-person shooter to PAX East, and while it was still in testing mode what we were able to play was pretty impressive.

Klei Entertainment, the folks that brought us the Shank series, brought its latest bloody baby to PAX East this weekend: Mark of the Ninja.