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Triforce Locks 'N' Loads At PAX East

Triforce Locks 'N' Loads At PAX East

I stumbled on some greatness at PAX East when I bumped into Andrew Brown, Community Manager at Triforce, while taking a look at Ghost Recon Online. He told me about the awesome video game replicas his company makes, from guns to statues of characters, and invited me on down to their booth.

Mathew Marone, Sales Director at Triforce

When I got down there Andrew introduced me to their Sales Director Mathew Marone, who gave us a great audio interview about there products that can be found below. Triforce have created these really interesting guns from some of the biggest video games of our generation, including the Locust Burst from Gears of War to the M-8 Avenger Assault rifles from Mass Effect. I can't believe the detail they had put into the guns, and the weight to them even brings more authenticity. I was really impressed by the designs, especially the Batman arm holding the Batarang.  Believe me: I wanted to get all the stuff they had and hang it up in my man cave.

Triforce have made replicas that can only be described as badass! In fact they were so good that most of the products they were showing were sold out. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to all the stuff they are going to come out with in the near-future. You can find more info on Triforce on their official site.

Check out our interview Mathew Marone of Triforce here!

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