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"Monday Night Combat" Gets Super-Sized At PAX East

"Monday Night Combat" Gets Super-Sized At PAX East

The next addition of Monday Night Combat is just around the corner! If you haven't heard of this game, go to your Xbox or PC right now and download it for some kickass fun!!!

The upcoming Super Monday Night Combat has gained even more players on your teams, so not only will you have the six original characters, you will have fifteen new ones to choose from. (There are also some more staff/mascott characters to see.) They also have a new upgrade for the characters: when they are in battle, they can earn golden armor that makes them almost invincible.

Other new attributes for Super Monday Night Combat include skills, endorsements, new bots, turrets, arenas, kill rewards, and bacon...er, I mean pick ups. From what I saw at PAX East Uber Entertainment made the graphics even better, and the mini-tournament we were playing against one another was awesome. Granted I did get my ass handed to me a bit, but that's because I was still trying to figure out the new set up and movements of the game. (That, and I was playing as Captain Spark, who I thought was like the assassin ninja girl but looked more like The Rocketeer.) I really do look forward to when Super Monday Night Combat comes to PC, but hopefully it will also be an Xbox Live Arcade release in the not-so-distant future. As of now the PC release date is still to be determined.

Platform: PC (Xbox Live Arcade version possibly in the works)
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