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Klei Entertainment Leaves Its "Mark" At PAX East

Klei Entertainment Leaves Its "Mark" At PAX East

Klei Entertainment, the folks that brought us the Shank series, brought its latest bloody baby to PAX East this weekend: Mark of the Ninja.

Unlike in Shank this game features more of the dark shadow element that the ninjas use to their advantage. The darkness acts as both a solid offense and a good defense when it comes to hiding and taking out their enemies. In Shank you were the gun-ho run-in with daggers, swords, and chainsaw that really caused a lot of havoc. In this game you're able to hug the wall a bit more and actually do more stealth kills. The idea of the game now is try to get through the level with either killing all the enemies, or you can even choose to get through the level with out killing people.

The main part of Mark of the Ninja is that your ninja clan hasn't been doing well, so your ninja bears this tattoo that gives these heightened senses. However the draw back to the heightened sense is that it will drive you freakin' nuts, and that you must end your life at the end of the mission before you get sucked into the madness. This is definitely the part of the story that intrigued me. With me I believe it can only mean that one thing isn't true, which could either be what the masters say to the ninjas, or the ninja you play as seems to be immune to it. I can see this game going for another round because it just looks that good.

Klei Entertainment has created yet another great game, which you can look out for exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade mid-2012.

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