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AFO Night of Champions Results - April 13, 2012

AFO Night of Champions Results - April 13, 2012

We the Bastards were able to take the trip down to the very lovely Holiday Inn Events Room in Mansfield, MA for the AFO Night of Champions.


AFO Vacant 155-lb Championship

Tyson Chartier (3-1, Sityodong) 154 lbs. VS Thane Stimson (0-1, Alpha Male) 153 lbs.

Stimson wins via locking in a Guillotine choke, 2 minutes 45 seconds into the first round.

AFO Vacant 170-lb Championship

Brandon Chagnon (4-2, Sityodong) 170 lbs. VS Jeremy Ross (4-3, Gladiator BJJ) 167 lbs.

Ross wins via guillotine tap out, 1 minute 2 seconds into the first round.

Grappling Exhibition

Kody Nordby (Undefeated AFO 125-lb Champ) VS Kin Moy (#1 135-lb Amateur)

These guys did a great grappling match to show the art of the sport! Norby will be going into the military in the next few days, so that means he won’t be fighting for a while.


Mike Burke (3-1, Lake Valley) 171 lbs. VS Tim Leary (3-0, Redline) 169 lbs.

First Round: Leary was able to do a couple reversals on Burke, and it went down to the ground where Leary almost got a rear naked choke. Nothing came from it, which brought it to the second round.

Second Round: Burke took down Leary, and was in a stalemate for a bit. There was some movement from Leary to spin out from a ground position, but ended up back with Burke at half-guard. Burke was able to throw a few more punches, but it still managed to reach the third round.

Third Round: Burke started off with kicks and punches, and was able to bring the match to the ground. Burke then got a rear naked choke and a tap out 38 seconds into the third round. Winner and new amateur champ of 170-lb weight class: Mike Burke.

Kevin Ortiz (1-1, Thorton MMA) 156 lbs. VS Jarrid Heon (3-3, Team Link/Strike Zone) 145 lbs.

First Round: I would have to say this one went to Heon. He came out with a great kick to the arm of Ortiz, then it ended up against the cage. It then went to the ground where it seemed Ortiz had control on the ground for a quarter of the match. Heon was then able to gain control on the ground and dominate the first round.

Second Round: Heon came out on top once again, and was able to get Ortiz to the ground. The fight almost had to be stopped due to multiple blows to Ortiz, but he was able to kick out of it.

Third Round: Heon was able to get Ortiz to the ground once more, connecting some serious strikes to Ortiz that he could not fight back. This one goes to decision, the judges unanimous crowning Jarrod Heon the amateur champion.

Cory Pickering (4-0, SSS) 144 lbs. VS Soap Am (1-0, TPS) 145 lbs.

Soap Am via knockout 11 seconds into the first round, crowning him the new AFO 145-lb weight champion.

Billy Giovanella (Connor’s) 135 lbs. VS Devin Pilkington (Ruckus) 136 lbs.

First Round: Giovanella was able to get two takedowns and dominate on the ground.

Second Round: Giovnella looked like he had the first half of the match until Pilkinton was able to get him into a dangerous triangle. Giovenlla was able to get out of it, with the match carrying over to the third round.

Third Round: The match seem to go back and forth, with Giovenlla able to get a few takedowns. Match goes to decision: Billy Giovanella, with a judge's score of 29-28.

Jarrod Sarno (SSS) 126 lbs. VS Mike Delosreyes (Dexter) 125 lbs.

First Round: Sarano was able to control the first half of the fight, but then Delosreyes was able to control the other half of the fight with strikes.

Second Round: Delosreyes was coming out with punches and kicks, but was taken to the cage and brought to the ground. Sarano stayed in half guard for most of the fight and worked the mid-section of Delosreyes. Delorosreyes was able to change the fight in his favor, but then it turned toward a stand-up fight as the round ended.

Third Round: Round seemed to go back-and-forth, where Sarano was able to put Delosreyes against the cage and get him to the ground. We saw a lot of reversals and strikes, but this round was up in the air.

Decision: Jarrod Sarno via unanimous decision, crowning him the Amateur Flyweight Champion

Asi Samburu (0-0, Doomsday) 170 lbs. VS Tunde Odumuso (1-4, Ruckus) 176 lbs.

Odumuso with a TKO body-to-head kick. Samburu fell and was dazed, causing the ref stopped the fight 1 minute 21 seconds into the first round.

Anthony Soto (0-1, Ruckus) 224 lbs. VS Leo Powers (0-0, Dexter) 212 lbs.

Powers tossed one hell of a punch that dropped Soto 1 minute 25 seconds into the first round, giving him a TKO victory.

Rickey Berkerian (0-0, SSS) 154 lbs. vs Frank Falso (0-3, Ruckus) 157 lbs.

Falso had some dominance with takedowns, but in the end Berkian puts him in an arm bar 2 minutes 48 seconds into the first round.

Mike Ingles (1-0) 184.5 lbs. VS Felix Gomez (1-0, Florian Martial Arts) 184.5 lbs.

First Round: Gomez seemed to have dominated with Ingles pressed against the cage, with both fighters trading knees and few punches.

Second Round: Gomez yet again put Ingles into the cage, controlling him by delivering rib shots. The fighters traded a few more knees and punches, but it seemed like Gomez again has the upper hand.

Third Round: Gomez once again held Ingles against the cage. The fight ended up on the ground, and it came close to an arm bar from Ingles to Gomez, but Gomez was able to get out and try for his own submission. The match goes to the judges: Felix Gomez via unanimous decision.

Eric Spicely (0-0, Triforce) 170 lbs. VS Giuseppi Andreoli (0-0, Rukus) 171 lbs.

Spicely defeats Giuseppi with a leg triangle choke submission in the first round.

Davis Roast (2-0, Sitydtong) 139 lbs. vs William Figueroa (0-1, Allaire) 145 lbs.

First Round: Roast had his back against the cage, and was taken to the ground by Figueroa. Roast was able to get a reversal into a full mount, where he was able to toss a couple ground and pound shots. Figueroa tried to get a choke hold on, but it ended with him flipping over. The event caused them into a mini fight before the round ended.

Second Round: The round ended up on the ground, where Figueroa was able to throw knees into the side of Roast.

Third Round: Roast shot in for a takedown, and it ended up with Figueroa attempting to lock in a guillotine. They ended up in a stalemate, but Roast was able to get back up and throw a couple more punches. Roast clutched onto Figueroa's back, attempting to get a rear naked choke, but was unable to complete it. Match goes to the judges: David Roast via unanimous decision.

Tom Venticinque (4-2, Team United) 185 lbs. VS Joe Palazio (4-1, Rukus) 185 lbs.

First Round: Venticinque held Palazio in a guillotine choke, but was unable to complete the submission.

Second Round: Palazio came out swinging, and was able to turn the fight in his favor this round. Palazio was able to get a rear naked choke but unable to complete the submission.

Third Round: Palazio was able to grab a kick thrown by Venticinque, and knocked him down. The fight ended up in the corner with Palazio in half guard over Venticinque. It seemed the Venticinque was able to still dominate the fight on his back, but in the end Palazio was able to stand up and toss a couple more ground-and-pound punches before the bell. Judges vote Palazio unanimously as victor.

Randy Cole (0-0, Sityodtong North Shore) 134 lbs. Vs Lorenzo DeLosReyes (0-0, Dexter) 135 lbs.

Cole put DeLosReyes into a guillotine choke, but then reversed it into a ground-and-pound, declaring Cole the victor 36 seconds into the first round via TKO.

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