Boston Comic Con gets a new location, and King Baby Duck is so excited that he might actually go next year! This year's Game Awards tips its hats to some well-deserved winners, although a couple picks makes our host wonder

After babysitting Roger Goodell, King Baby Duck welcomesĀ Caroline Murphy andĀ Eli Kosminsky of this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games.Ā Hear what they hope to see happen at this year's event, as well as their thoughts on the current trends of the

The holiday season is upon us. Carols are being sung, the decorations shine brightly as they are hung, and the greatest Christmas tradition is about to commence: a fighting tournament? While staying at the Mt. Washington Resort in New Hampshire, King

Recorded at Super Megafest in Framingham, MA this past November King Baby Duck asks the important survival question to fellow con-goers, along with special guest Vic Mignogna! Recorded and edited by our pals at Wicked Anime!

It's Christmastime in King Baby Duck's kingdom, and all he wants is to do a relaxing show and spin some of his favorite holiday tracks. However the Christmas spirit goes straight to Hell when King's long-lost (and initially thought-to-be-dead) grandpa

Up in the sky, way yonder afar Shone a bright beacon like a big star But on closer inspection this rock was a ship Filled with our heroes that are as crazy as hip The Saints, as they're called, had settled on down After days

It's the first-ever full-fledged Christmas special from the Boston Bastard Brigade, with special guests!

While the press event for Cage Titans: Invasion was happening, Blueonic and Anvil decided to do some practice drills in the (former) Tapout Training Center's cage. But what happens when Cage Titans owner MichaelĀ Polvere wants in on the action?

Yet again I stumbled upon another great Bostonian with a lot of talent. Meet Mat the Wad by Matthew Ducharme, a little cartoon series of different scenarios that is deals with the daily life of us all.

It's been in the sports news recently, but apparently Tiger Woods doesn't just have a problem with gas on the golf course.