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Designed with Charm: Meet "Mat the Wad"

Designed with Charm: Meet "Mat the Wad"

Yet again I stumbled upon another great Bostonian with a lot of talent. Meet Mat the Wad by Matthew Ducharme, a little cartoon series of different scenarios that is deals with the daily life of us all.

The funny thing is I can relate with the video above, especially with the fact that the weather in New England does change so rapidly that you can't keep up with it. It's an instant classic in my book because of the fact that it didn't need words to explain, rather it used 8-bit video game sound effects.

I know the feeling of having to shovel snow all my life that, and I have also dealt with tossing snow and getting it right back in my face; or stepping out onto the snow and thinking, "Okay, I should be fine," only to slip, fall and break my ass on a patch of ice. I've even gone so far as stepping on the snow, thinking it's going to be perfect, when it suddenly crushes and traps your foot.

This one kills me because the way the character looks in the morning is how I feel every day, waking up moping around wondering why I am awake. Although I am not a coffee drinker I have done the energy drinks, and boy do they feel good, until you crash. The design of the characters are just classic, especially in the video below, where he takes one of Nine Inch Nails' songs. It shows that he can put a dark and serious side to his cartoons.

Of course this was just a side project, and isn't part of the happy-go-lucky cartoons that make up the Mat the Wad series. Yet it's very creative towards the music, and I hope Matthew will do more videos like this in the near-future!

Mat the Wad comes from the company Designed With Charm, a little family-owned company that specializes in 2D animation in any style such as flash, comic strips and much more. So if your looking for someone to animate that idea in your head, then this is the place to go to. To find out more information about Design with Charm, click here.

This Bastard gives Mat the Wad and the folks at Design five out of five stars, and two thumbs way up for their amazing art and cartoons designs.

Links to Design with Charm/Mat the Wad:

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