ANIME BOSTON 2019 | GKIDS Interview

King Baby Duck talks all things GKIDS with Lucy Rubin at Anime Boston 2019! Hear about this year's Ghibli Fest,...

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FILM REVIEW | "FUNAN" A Heart-Wrenching Tale of Survival

The Khmer Rouge revolution is one of the most devastating moments in 20th century Asian history. Not only did many...

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Designed with Charm: Meet "Mat the Wad"

Yet again I stumbled upon another great Bostonian with a lot of talent. Meet Mat the Wad by Matthew Ducharme,...

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Universal's #1 Movie Anything But "Despicable"

Look out, Pixar! You've finally gotten yourself a worthy competitor in the form Despicable Me.

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"Mary and Max": An Unlikely Friendship

This week I decided to do something different.

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