December 2014

Another year, another great selection of albums worthy enough of our Top 20 list! Join King Baby Duck as he counts down numbers 20-11 on B3's list of ear-worthy records. Plus Phil the Issues Guy pops in to give his

The holiday season is upon us. Carols are being sung, the decorations shine brightly as they are hung, and the greatest Christmas tradition is about to commence: a fighting tournament? While staying at the Mt. Washington Resort in New Hampshire, King

After Renegade Kid had finished up Mutant MUDDS, they started work on a new project for the Nintendo 3DS called Treasurenauts. Sometime during development, they took a break and started a new project. This short project was Xeodrifter, a little

The holiday season is upon, but with King Baby Duck heading up to the New England wilderness for a little vacation this year's Holiday Spectacular packs in more than a dozen Christmas delights with no interruptions whatsoever! Great news for

Any lover of comics would dream of working at a place like Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash or Comicopia. After all from watching something like Comic Book Men it would appear it'd be the geek life of luxury. However

It's all games and theater on this week's new episode! First King Baby Duck shares his thoughts on this year's Game Awards, and why the showcase at PlayStation Experience is helping Sony win this generation's console race. Then Scarlet Spiegel

WayForward Technologies has done a pretty good job with keeping the Adventure Time license fresh, while at the same time grabbing hold of players young and old with its nostalgic mentality. The first game Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal

King Baby Duck goes completely gaga over the first season of Wakfu, only to be brought back to reality with the help of Wicked Anime's Andrew & Jonathan Fleming and 42Believer. Recorded mostly at the Prudential Center in Boston, MA