King Baby Duck goes completely gaga over the first season of Wakfu, only to be brought back to reality with the help of Wicked Anime's Andrew & Jonathan Fleming and 42Believer. Recorded mostly at the Prudential Center in Boston, MA the anime press pals sit down for a couple rounds of the lively card games Slash: Romance Without Boundaries and Channel A, before being kicked out of Starbucks.


  1. MO'SOME TONEBENDER - Drum Song (from the album Struggle)
  2. THE CHERRY COKE$ - Rascal Trail (from the album Seven)
  3. Frank Turner - One Foot Before The Other (from the album England Keep My Bones)
  4. Metalchicks - We Are The Warriors (from the album St. Wonder)
  5. Scandal - Image (from the album Hello World)

You know you'd ship that! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Nana-Juu-Ni!

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