It's all games and theater on this week's new episode! First King Baby Duck shares his thoughts on this year's Game Awards, and why the showcase at PlayStation Experience is helping Sony win this generation's console race. Then Scarlet Spiegel of Scarlet Rhapsody and Candy Jam of Candy Co. Cosplay join up as they smack their faces against the wall while reviewing the musical travesty known as Sailor Moon: Petite √Čtrang√®re.


  1. FLOWER FLOWER - Start Line (from the album Mi)
  2. Oblivion Dust - When You Say... (from the album Oblivion Dust)
  3. Iggy Pop - Monster Men (CD single)
  4. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Laundry (from the album Rumble)
  5. ART-SCHOOL - HeaVen (from the album YOU)
  6. Queens of the Stone Age - River in the Road (from the album Era Vulgaris)
  7. EGOIST - Fallen (digital single)

Going for that standing ovation, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Nana-Juu-San!

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