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For a manga series that tries to promote proper means of dealing with conflict, the last thing I would’ve expected from Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World was a tournament arc. Yet here we are, with the titular character wrapping themselves

If there’s one thing Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World does a great job with, it’s showing why some ideas that look good on paper don’t exactly work well in execution. The tale of a lone traveler and their talking motorcycle

When I was a kid, I fondly looked forward to when my class would get those Scholastic mini-catalogs. In these catalogs, classics like Goosebumps and Animorphs would often be paired up with kid-friendly light-novel tie-ins to such films as Ace

Seventeen years. That's how long it took for Keiichi Sigsawa's classic light novel series Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World to get its own manga adaptation. Since that time, there have been two anime series, as well as two short films,

Death is something we all have to come to terms with. Sometimes we luck out and are granted a life of good health and a bountiful of memories. Other times we get hit with a Whammie of a path, filled

Video game novelizations. Is there ever a phrase that sounded more redundant? Granted there have some some exceptions, with Alan Dean Foster's rendition of LucasArts' The Dig being the shining beacon of how to do it right. But taking an

Viz Media has announced the release of two new books that expand on two of anime's biggest franchises: Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball! On November 13th, Hiromu Arakawa's complete color artworks of Edward Elric and the rest of the alchemist crew will

The best murder mysteries focus on a victim who seemingly had no enemies that would wish any ill will on them whatsoever. That's when the cracks beneath humanity's surface begins to leak the truths of one's desires, jealousies, and thirst

Koji Suzuki's fifth foray into the world of The Ring may have his readers divided. On one end, S continues the tale with the same amount of eeriness that made Sadako a household name with horror fans. However its means of