September 2019

Have you ever had a sinking feeling that a story was going to go down a very bad route? Since I started reading Hitomi Takano’s My Boy, I kept getting this cringe-inducing sensation deep down in my gut. Throughout its

While the West is finally getting to experience the Utawareumono series with the remake due out next year, it was a nice surprise that the action game spin-off, Utawarerumono: ZAN, is also available. The game goes the Dynasty Warriors route, but

Every time I open up a volume of Dr. STONE, I know that I’m bound to be surprised by one thing or another. Its usage of science, action, and humor has made Riichiro Inagaki and Boiichi’s work one of the

While fans continue to wait for Senran Kagura SEVEN, they have a few options to tide them over: the PC version of Estival Versus, Peach Beach Splash, Reflexions, and now, this game. Enter Peach Ball, where you get the standard

Can a singer deliver something that's both tender and snappy? If you've listened to Sebastian Straw, then the answer is an obvious "HELL YEAH!" Making his debut on October 18th with the album Welcome Yesterday, the Italy-based Straw delivers whimsical

One can only wish that friends in the past never change their ways. Those who seem like upstanding individuals at youth could instead rot like an old apple rather than blossom beautifully. This is what Tsugu Miikura finds out in

It’s always sad when a great manga series comes to a close, especially those that end a little bit too soon. I’m not exactly sure why Tsuyoshi Takaki’s Black Torch concluded, but perhaps the readership wasn’t that strong in Japan. A

While the Switch was the first platform to receive the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, it wasn't long until publisher NIS America did the PS4 release. But now, the Xbox One and PC releases are finally here, and handled by SNK themselves.

The isekai genre has almost done it all. From being reincarnated into slimes & even vending machines to having fantasy heroes transported to the normal world, just about any scenario has been brought to fruition in one form or another.

December means Christmas trees, menorahs, and whatever it is that Kwanzaa has scattered all throughout the globe. But when it comes to Section23 Films, that means samurai high school students, dirty jokes, and one of the best yuri anime of