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No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-Hachi

Another great set of music is ready to be spun by King Baby Duck, but not before lamenting on the...

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"WataMote" Walks The Line Between Funny & Disturbing

Once in a great while, an anime series will come around that splits my opinions into two sides. On the...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-Nana

King Baby Duck brings a semi-new format to the No Borders No Race realm, mirroring his old WMWM show just...

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It's A Farmer's Life In "Silver Spoon"

Growing up in the North Shore of Massachusetts I found myself surrounded by the past and current trends of farming,...

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Mermaid Comedy "Muromi-san" A Wet & Funny Time-Killer

Sometimes we need comedy for the sake of comedy. No real points, no morals or values, and created for the...

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"God Only Knows" Why They Skipped Around For Season 3

The World God Only Knows is the type of show that, on paper, sounds like a bad premise. Take a...

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"Attack On Titan" A Bloody, Action-Packed Monster

At Anime Boston last month there was one series that I kept running into at just about every corner of...

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Episode CLXXXIV: Anime Con Fatigue Syndrome

It's been a week since Anime Boston came to a conclusion, which means King Baby Duck has just about recovered...

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Boston Bastard Brigade & Issues Program Presents... Anime Boston 2013 Special Report!

Get ready, Bastards & Wenches! It's the Boston Bastard Brigade's first-ever on-location video special, with some help from the dudes...

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Nabeshin: The Man, The Myth, And The Afro

Shinichi Watanabe, AKA Nabeshin, is a man whose mere presence can invoke smiles on just about anyone around him. With...

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