September 2017

Kyoto Animation's 2013 series Beyond The Boundary was a mixture of many things. It had some surprisingly high octane action, a good sense of humor, a unique philosophy on the subject of light and darkness within the world, and a

It's rare for the mech-based anime subgenre to have fun with its vast worlds. Considering its subject matter, one would think that you'd see more series with characters filled with pure joy battling it out in giant robots. With the

Volleyball, mysterious artifacts, and one lazy student are what's coming your way in the beginning of 2018, as Section23 Films has just announced their January lineup of home video releases! It all begins on January 2nd with Maiden Japan's complete collection

Hollywood romantic comedies often fail at one thing: being relatable. Granted, there are exceptions like Aziz Ansari's Master of None and Jay Baruchel's Man Seeking Woman, but for the most part the rom-com realm is filled with fairy tale levels

Andrew from Wicked Anime is heading to Japan for awhile, so he and JonStar are joining King Baby Duck this week to talk a bit about what he plans to do over there! The Summer 2017 season of anime is

In the realm of fiction, we've seen our share of twits, nitwits, dummies, dumbasses, and morons. Some arrive in the form of the sidekick or side character, like Baldrick in BlackAdder or Mihoshi in Tenchi Muyo! Others take hold of

In every adventure, a hero sets out to thwart out evil for the greater good. Some are destined to fight, whereas others are pushed to the brink and finally stand up in the name of justice. However in the case

One would think that the awakening of supernatural powers would lead to an ordinary kid becoming a beloved superhero. After all, this is what the world of Marvel, DC Comics, and even manga & anime has showcased for everyone. But

King Baby Duck is overjoyed when one of his favorite video game characters returns for another round, this time invadingĀ various indie game worlds. The Netflix Death Note movie has our host dive into a couple theories about its core differences