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August 2021

Love and curses go hand-in-hand in fairy tales. The most famous of curses can be found when one person is seen as a monster, like in Beauty and the Beast or The Frog Prince. But what if the monster wasn’t

The Mystery Plan can sometimes be a tough band to categorize. Sometimes they like to keep things jazzy, and in other occasions they can get as weird as The Flaming Lips. On their sixth album You Also Have Eyes, even

After dealing with first date jitters (even though they’re already married), the lovey-dovey couple of Fly Me to the Moon feel a lot more closer than they did before. So what sort of addition to their life could make them

It has been proven many times over that little Anya can handle the toughest physical missions in Spy × Family. While her step-parents Twilight and Yor often find themselves a step behind the culprits, the little mind reader often discovers

Modern society gives little training to prepare for an independent life. Throughout my life, I took one singular cooking class and had zero training in learning how to do anything else. Being forced to learn everything from scratch can be

Stupid is as stupid does, as one Oscar-winning film once proclaimed. No matter how hard someone may try, one’s idiocy will always get the best of them. Whether it’s something like buying the wrong brand of cereal or calling out

It’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the fighting games out there today. From your King of Fighters and Mortal Kombats to the small fry like Skullgirls and Them’s Fighting Herds, there are many contenders wanting to flex their

With high school coming to an end, a lot of pressure is placed on Taichi, Toma, and Futaba. The school halls are still whispering about Toma’s confession, and Taichi and Futaba are trying to figure out how to bring their

There’s a realism that’s been placed in How Do We Relationship? that other LGBTQ-focused works seem to lack. Where a lot of other series tend to just focus on the “will they/won’t they” aspect, Tamifull’s narrative instead has the couple

After giving a video game recommendation, King Baby Duck finds some excitement in the new film Blood Red Sky, with the help of an unlikely protagonist. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop reminds us of all the sweet things in