July 2018

With Shameless Tuesdays reaching out to many artists all across the world, it would seem like there'd be a time where a curator will wind up being from our own neck of the woods! This week such an occasion has

Hitomi Takano's My Boy started things off on a mediocre note, with the introduction of how the older Satoko started watching over the younger Mashuu. My initial thoughts on it were that of someone that was glad it wasn't going

November of this year not only brings together some big releases for Section23 Films, but also a new label that delivers something for the younger anime fans! (And yes, it's Sanrio-related!) The magi master Negi Springfield returns in a more comedic take

It's rare for J-POP artists to be in the same vicinity as B3's headquarters just for the hell of it, but that's exactly what happened when Satellite Young frontwoman Emi Kusano decided to come to the Boston area! King Baby Duck

Japanese rock band SCANDAL, whose 2018 album HONEY debuted at the #3 spot on Japan's Oricon charts, has announced that they will be play a short U.S. and Mexico tour this September. The all-girl four-piece from Osaka, whose music has

After a successful 200th episode and a reveal of what his main dream for the show is, King Baby Duck welcomes streaming site AsianCrush's Katie Cannon as they chat about its collection of Asian cinema, their simulcast of the anime

If one were to guess, the realm of hardcore anime and manga was more than likely unearthed on June 11, 1972. On that date, manga author Go Nagai presented the world with one of the genre's most iconic figures: Devilman.

There once was a special place for films that can be deemed both terrible and terrific at the same time. That realm was called direct-to-video, which housed various popcorn fare made solely for friends to point & laugh at during

As one can attest, I can be quite the sucker for epic instrumental rock music. The sounds of mono, This Will Destroy You, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are always packing one-two punches in the genre, crafting some of the

Shuzo Oshimi's The Flowers of Evil can be one perplexing series at times. There are moments where you seen teenage revolt in its most animalistic forms, to the point where its characters cross certain lines that no sane individual would