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July 2018

It's No Borders No Race's 200th episode! King Baby Duck gathers his pals Elite4Derek, Wicked Anime's JonStar, and -- for the first time ever -- {abstract:japan}'s Tyler Abstract as they recreate the first J-POP playlist from the show's WMWM Salem era.

It's safe to say that the pillows and noodles played the biggest roles in the creation of our show No Borders No Race. After first hearing the pillows in the iconic anime series FLCL in 2003, and seeing noodles play the

Anime Director Kei Oikawa had his work cut out for him this Spring. Not only was he in charge of helming that runaway hit Uma Musume: Pretty Derby over at P.A. Works, but he also directed another series at Studio feel.

Shameless Tuesdays is going more electric and eclectic this time around, as the LA-based Hologram Teen gets behind the turntables to bring forth a sweet playlist for your audible enjoyment! Born from the ashes of indie act Stereolab, keyboardist Morgane Lhote

Every once in a while, you have a game -- namely an RPG -- that will try to take the piss and be a weird, but fun experience. While it's hard to say if Nepenthe is a truly fun game, it