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One hell of a butler and anime's most passionate gamer are heading to Anime Boston 2018 this year, with the announcement of guests J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis! J. Michael Tatum was nurtured on anime classics including Star Blazers, before accidentally

Radiant Historia came out in 2011 for the Nintendo DS at near the end of it's life span. Instead of waiting for the game's 10th anniversary, Atlus has decided to do an enhanced port of the game rather than a

Common sense has no place of residence in Arakawa Under the Bridge. Hikaru Nakamura's manga series is ripe with crazy characters surrounding the level-headed Kou Ichinomya, who has recently been dubbed Recruit by its kappa-dressing mayor. However, the protagonist who

The next wave of North American guests for Anime Boston 2018 has been unleashed, with voice actors Rachel Robinson and Christopher Bevins joining the ranks! Rachel Robinson has spanned the spectrum of video games, animation, national commercials, promos, and anime. In the gaming

It's nice to see other developers taking up the mantle of attempting to deliver a cinematic and interactive narrative-driven experience. However, with We Are Chicago, it's sadly the case of said developers being far too ambitious for the budget they had

While She and Her Cat first opened the anime world to his work, it wasn't until Makoto Shinkai's 2002 short Voices of a Distant Star came out where even the bigwigs of the industry started to take notice. Made mostly

Whether you wanna feel electric or just wanna look good, Anime Boston has got you covered with its latest announcement of North American guests to come to the convention. Amanda C. Miller is best known for playing spunky, badass, and occasionally deranged

There are plenty of puzzle-platformers out there, but there's only a small handful that use death as a mechanic to clear the environment. You can add Super Rude Bear Resurrection to the pile, but with the death puzzle solving mechanic is

It's been a long time since the last Advance Wars game came out, and fans were wondering when -- if ever -- Nintendo and Intelligent Systems would make a new entry to the series. (Battalion Wars was an interesting experiment, but that

Coolkyoushinja's Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid took the world by storm last year, thanks to Kyoto Animation's hilarious and heartwarming anime adaptation. Naturally, it would seem fitting that the universe that Tohru and Kobayashi reside in would be expanded via a