When Pandalicious visits, you know tangents will be flying!!!

This week the Bastards give their thoughts on the World Series, the recent letting-go of Patriots player Lee Bodden and the recent happenings with their friends at Team Pradal Seray. The demos for Need For Speed: The Run, Kinect Sports: Season 2, Real Steel and Sonic Generations are on the table, and Pandalicious & King Baby Duck share their thoughts on the musical Spring Awakening. An Oh For Fuck's Sake! about a controversial (but recently taken down) Men's Fitness Article gets a wag of the finger, and Anvil reviews Never Back Down 2 and Paranormal Activity 3. Plus listen in on how you can get the first of many free beta codes for the PC game Defenders of Ardania.

It's all packed in here on Episode 117: It's The Bitch Of Gaming.

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