November 2011

After almost OD'ing on tryptophan the Bastards drag themselves onwards for a brand-new episode.

It’s that time of the year again where games galore are released. In 2011, the holiday season has brought us a new Modern Warfare, Battlefield 3, The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the long awaited Saints Row: The Third to name a few. But there is one title which year after year delivers the goods to its loyal fans without delay and without issue. I am of course talking about the Smackdown Vs Raw series. But unfortunately this year we have no Smackdown Vs Raw.

At E3 this year it was Saints Row: The Third that brought the most insane of artillery to the table. From its crazy antics to its style of humor the latest in the Saints Row series had but only one mission in mind: bring gamers the most fun experience anyone can fathom in an open-world title.

With Blueonic gone the Bastards decide to give this week's show a bit of a feminine touch.

Follow King Baby Duck and Anvil as they take our viewers backstage to the recent Victory Promotions event held at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA.

Last night the folks at Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes released the first part of the behind-the-scenes look at Risen 2: Dark Waters, due in 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Here game designers Michael Hoge and Björn Pankratz and storywriter Jennifer Pankratz explain why they chose pirates as the topic for their latest game, Pankratz covers how the world map will help gamers on the first steps of their adventure and much more! Check out the video after the jump...

While at this past Saturday's Victory Promotions event at the Tsongas Center, the Bastards got a surprise visit from former UFC fighter John "Doomsday" Howard.

Since PAX East this year no racing title has left more excited than Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine, made by the folks at Isopod Labs (a company founded by the dudes who created a little game called Vigilante 8) and Autumn Games. With each taste I had of it at both PAX and E3 the same sentence kept coming out of my mouth: This could be a Mario Kart killer. However as a follower of smaller game developers my optimism was cautious, as I've had full meals of disappointment served to me on many occasions by these lesser-known companies. After playing the final version of it, those doubts have since been trashed into scrap metal.

One of most popular book series (which has also been adapted into a popular HBO program) is now coming to a console near you...