With Blueonic gone the Bastards decide to give this week's show a bit of a feminine touch.

Bastette-In-Training Saignement joins the crew, as she and Anvil give their take on Batman: Arkham City, but not before going on a crazy tangent over which actors should play the people of Gotham. King Baby Duck gives his reasons why Saints Row: The Third is the most fun game out there of 2011, Saignement goes into detail on how the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolve redoes a classic and Anvil goes into the good (Bruins and Pats) and bad (Penn State and NBA) of the week in sports. Plus Saignement gives a review of the new movie In Time, and an Oh For Fuck's Sake! on why those Occupy Wall Street people need to just go away. (Didn't expect that from us, did ya?) And did we mention another beta code for Defenders of Ardania?

It's all pack in neatly in Episode 119: Catwoman's Training Sessions.

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