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I reviewed Episode One of Telltale's take on Batman awhile back (which you can read about here), but now that the season is over, I'm ready to put my thoughts out on the rest of the season. While the season had a good

The Chicago Cubs finally rid themselves of their World Series curse thanks to Bill Murray, while King Baby Duck looks at the new BBC America show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. All bets are off for best dumb anime of 2016, as

After a couple weeks of post-con stuff, King Baby Duck returns with his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and the recently-released PlayStation VR. Treading on dangerous waters, our host shares his very blunt thoughts on the recent Fox TV remake

While Telltale keeps going with its various adventure games with no sign of slowing down, one has to wonder how the quality manages to be as high as it currently is. But it seems that trying to do too many

Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime pops in for the show's opening, as he and King Baby Duck talk about why Babymetal's recent live show at Boston's House of Blues is one for the record books. Then our host talks about the

If there's one word to describe the finale to Michonne's mini-series, it's "intense." The cards have been laid out, the chips are all thrown in, and the stakes are as high as ever. With the final call made, "What We

The folks¬†behind the worlds of Dofus and Wakfu invade the B3 realm! King Baby Duck welcomes¬†Ankama's Lead Character¬†Designer¬†Kim "Tch√ī" Ettinoff,¬†the¬†Communications & Marketing Manager Pauline¬†Guillemant, and¬†the lead storyboard artist for Season Three of Wakfu Fafah Togura, as they chat about¬†the process of

Why does Telltale Games' The Walking Dead keep on reminding me that a post-apocalyptic life is one that keeps you eternally cornered? Walkers to the left, dishonest people to the right, and in the middle are the good folk that

King Baby Duck is a little riled up as the recent release of Street Fighter V is lacking of, well, just about half of the promised game! The nominees for this year's Tokyo Anime Award Festival, and a film our host

It's been well over a year since we last saw Clementine do what she had to survive in the Season Two finale of The Walking Dead. Much had been seen, the majority of it difficult to wipe away from one's