October 2014

After two long years of waiting, Bayonetta 2 has finally hit the Wii U. To entice players just a bit more, the latest adventure with the sexiest witch in gaming comes with the original Bayonetta at no additional cost (so

King Baby Duck returns from Another Anime Convention, as he tackles the recent troubling trend of consumer revolt and what these people should be focusing on instead. (There's another term for "consumer revolt" that's more recognizable, but we won't say

Even eight years into its inception, it's still hard to overlook the fact that The Cro-Magnons is not The Blue Hearts. Granted, it has the legendary punk band's vocalist┬áHiroto K┼Źmoto and guitarist Masatoshi Mashima fronting it (as did the previous

King Baby Duck reports on his experiences at this year's Another Anime Convention, held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. Then he is joined by voice actors Chris Cason & Christopher Smith and Lauren Landa & J. Michael Tatum

I'll admit that I was on the fence when it came to checking out the anime comedy Magimoji Rurumo. A trailer that appeared online before its premiere didn't hold much promise, but after a long day of hard work I

King Baby Duck goes all-in for some gaming goodness in this week's new episode. First Ziba Scott of Popcannibal comes on to chat about Elegy for a Dead World, his new collaborative title with Dejobaan Games that is currently on

The era of rap-rock that brought us Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit left us far too long ago, pushed out by the likes of the Strokes, the White Stripes, and the Hives. Someone apparently didn't give that memo to Japanese

King Baby Duck reminds everyone that they should seriously watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and gets excited about the upcoming Pink Floyd album as Roger Waters lets his fans know why he's not part of it. A review of

So let me get this straight: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is up on Crunchyroll as we speak, along with the previous season that aired in 2012, and instead you are reading a review about it? Right now you could be