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MANGA REVIEW | "Mashle: Magic and Muscles" - Volume Fifteen

MANGA REVIEW | "Mashle: Magic and Muscles" - Volume Fifteen

It’s been a bit of a nail-biter since Mash Burnedead has been out of commission. Innocent Zero has been creating more chaos, whilst his son Doom has made mincemeat out of everyone he’s come across. But a bright beacon has emerged in the fifteenth volume of Mashle: Magic & Muscles, in the form of the man in charge of the visionary police. That’s right, ladies: Ryoh Grantz has arrived!

Of course, his entrance comes a bit too late for many of Mash’s allies, including the Ames brothers. Granted, Finn is still suffering from certain weaknesses that cause Rayne to do most of the heavylifting. Nevertheless, with Doom still suppressing his powers while fighting, it becomes clear that one of the strongest magic users in the world can’t put up much of a fight. Perhaps that’s why Ryoh finally tags himself in, as he might be the Numero Uno magic user this planet has.

At first, Mashle gives us a beacon of hope via Ryoh, as he lands one attack after another on the seemingly impenetrable Doom. Even when Doom boosts his powers, it appears that we’re finally getting that moment of triumph our heroes need. However, when Ryoh unleashes his ultimate attack, Doom just sort of bats it off. Then again, it was bound to go down like this, since it’s not Ryoh’s name in the title of this manga.

No, it’s all building up to the moment Mash Burnedead can finally enter the fight. Lemon, Kaldo, and Ochoa are doing their best to turn the Key of Life, but it just can’t seem to budge. Thankfully, with a bit of honey and one other person finally returning and aiding in the turn, Mash starts to bubble back to life. And then, right when he’s greatly needed, game time begins.

I’ll admit that I was getting deep into the drama of this battle between Doom and the magic users. But this series is first and foremost a comedy. Even though it might seem like our heroes are in trouble, something is just around the corner to kiss their boo-boos. In the case of Mash Burnedead, it’s half-eaten cream puffs with a side of reassurance. With that, Mash begins his battle with Doom, in the only way he knows how: punching him square in the face!

It was nice seeing everyone else in Mashle have a moment to shine while our main guy was out of commission. We all got to see what they were made of, even earning a little respect here and there for some of the more weirder protagonists. But Mash is back, and in Volume Fifteen, he showcased why he’s our favorite kindhearted muscle man. Will he put Doom in his place? Are cream puffs the tastiest pastry around?


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