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Nearly nine centuries ago, The Tale of the Heike began to makes its rounds. Its origins — based on the rise and fall of the Taira clan — have never been found. However, some claim that the narrative originated from

It’s been over a year since Nasa and Tsukasa got hitched in Fly Me to the Moon. Since that time, they’ve taken trips, experienced newfound loves, and have grown closer with every waking moment. And yet, there’s still this sort

Sometimes physical strength can overcome even the most powerful of spells. Perhaps this is why I instantly fell in love with Hajime Komoto’s debut series Mashle: Magic and Muscles. What started out as a Harry Potter parody has already become

My high school days were filled with playing tons of sports games. From SSX Tricky to MVP Baseball 2005, these titles took over more of my time than any Mario and Zelda title. But no series stole my playtime quite

With every note sung, Providence's Jenn Vix tackles the demons hidden in the darkness and one's self. Her latest single "PTSD" is as personal as a song can be, as she takes on the hardships of dealing with an illness

Rom-coms about cute girls falling in love with cute guys are as bountiful as smutty romance novels in your local Wal-Mart’s clearance bin. There are some that do shine more than others, especially the manga that pokes fun of the

The thing that I can appreciate most about the One Piece franchise is that you have no need to marathon through its 1000-episode anime to understand their standalone films. Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, and the rest of the

Summer may normally be about hitting the beach or going on epic road trips, but the anime realm went one step forward with intergalactic quests, badass fights, and a mysterious private eye. We also went to the aquarium and took

Ever since the Switch replaced my main means of handheld gaming back in 2017, I’ve been asking: “When’s Corpse Party coming out on this thing?” Having already released on the PSP, PS Vita, and 3DS (yes really), I knew it

Sometimes even beautiful people have trouble finding love. Those not in that group could deem it a first-world problem for those types of people. However, it’d be kind of cruel to say that good-looking folks don’t have a hard time