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December 2020

Although Kenjiro Hata's latest series Fly Me To The Moon started off more on the cuter things in life, the second volume is where his trademark sense of humor finally takes over. Said trademark is in the way he relishes over throwing

Not every classic game needs a gritty reboot or some deep storytelling element to keep things fresh. Sometimes, all one needs is a fresh coat of paint. Bubble Bobble is one such title, a game that was one of the

2020 may have been awful in the world, but the anime realm was as bright, vivid, and wonderful as it has been! Join King Baby Duck as he spins the best opening and ending themes of the year, even if

Leisure Suit Larry should not have a place in this modern age. The horndog point-and-click adventure series was scandalous even in its own time, so imagine how some people would react to the older games. And yet, Assemble Entertainment proved

Girls who rock, psychic hitmen, and the epic theatrical trilogy of the best anime of the 2010s arrives this March from Sentai Filmworks! Check out what's to come below! ARAGNE: SIGN OF VERMILLION Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 75

While I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means, I do enjoy a good rock climb here and there. The feeling of grabbing hold and pulling myself up towards a goal is the sort of adrenaline that only this

Blue Flag isn’t just about who we want to love; it’s about what we want in life. The struggles of Toma, Taichi, and Futaba demonstrate the angst that every teenager goes through. How the world tries to push the youth

Whenever you play a Charlie Nieland song, you feel this stinging sensation deep within your soul. Perhaps it's your past self attempting to call back to the wild, or it's pushing your current being to become the warrior the powers dared

My eyes may have been reading a manga, but the fifth volume of Oh!Great’s Bakemonogatari adaptation made my brain feel like I was reading a college thesis on Johann Georg Faust. The German alchemist was the inspiration for the various

In its own way, the country of Iceland is a character in Aki Irie’s Go With the Clouds, North-By-Northwest. The landscape, its temperatures, and even the homes & shops that are scattered across the way seem to tell many stories,