December 2018

One could guess where Nakatani Nio wants to go with their yuri series Bloom Into You, even if it takes its subject matter more serious than others do. Its first volume built up a world and friendship between first-year Yuu

There's nothing more satisfying and fun to watch than buddy cop entertainment. Whether it's in dramas like Dragnet or NYPD Blue, comedies such as Rush Hour or Hot Fuzz, or a mixture of both in Lethal Weapon and The Guard,

The J-POP top albums list is all done, meaning it's time to focus on what the rest of the world had to offer! However, No Borders No Race is adding one other little difference to this year's countdown: a second opinion!

One has to admire what Bkub Okawa is aspiring to achieve. While Pop Team Epic is considered a "shit manga," that's exactly what Okawa's going for. The nonsensical is usually the best way to get a good laugh, as one

There's a certain magic that engulfs Jun Mayuzuki's After the Rain. The premise of a high schooler falling in love with her much older boss may turn off most readers, but how it's handled is something of a miracle. Its

We need to have a talk, anime industry. Now you have been delivering quite a lot of content for us over the past year. Some winners, some losers, and then shows that were okay but were quickly forgettable. You showcased

The yuri genre can be kind of tricky to write for. While there have been many stories in the past that focus on lesbian love & relationships, actually getting the tone done is where it often stumbles. Sometimes it pushes it

The work of author Tsutomu Nihei is well-known by many manga fans, from his critically-acclaimed BLAME to the popular Knights of Sidonia. How he showcases action with a great blend of character development and emotion is almost unmatched in his

It's no wonder why the third volume of Keiichi Arawi's CITY was somewhat low-key; the creator of nichijou was plotting something truly epic in his massive universe. With the bountiful amount of characters that have appeared thus far (and trust

2018 is coming to a close, which means it's time once again to count down our favorite albums of the year! However, this time around, we're doing something different. That's right: two different lists! On today's episode, King Baby Duck dives