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August 2018

Silver Link can be known for having a wavy reputation when it comes to their anime. On one hand, they're responsible for some fantastic anime comedies and iyashikei like Non Non Biyori, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, and Baka & Test:

Making friends can be a complicated process. Sometimes it's easy when you're an open individual, but it can be difficult when dealing with someone on the introverted side of things. It's reading through the first volume of That Blue Sky

The sounds of Philadelphia are as eclectic as the multitude of eateries and fancy restaurants that are scattered throughout the town that founded freedom. Whether it's the hip-hop sounds of Schoolly D, Jill Scott's rhythm & blues, Dr. Dog's indie folk mantra,

The summer anime season has delivered unto us a wonderfully appropriate title in the form of Harukana Receive, a tale of beach volleyball, swimsuits, and endearing friendships. With impeccable timing, Seven Seas Entertainment has brought over Nyoijizai's original manga just as C2C's

Even a single meet-up can unlock an obsession within a person. Whether it's a chance at love or a breaking from the chains of normalcy, a person can awaken a new focus on life towards better pastures. Unfortunately for Setsuko

Two new works under the Viz Media label are set to make their debut this September, with the first volume releases of Dr. Stone and Radiant due to give the shonen manga world a shakeup it greatly needs. Debuting on September

How does one conjure up a description of Masaaki Yuasa's latest film The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl? At first, one could say that it's a comedy about one epic bar crawl, but as soon as you think you've

After a minor complaint over how a package sent to him was labeled, King Baby Duck dives into what made the TV adaptation of Boruto: Naruto The Movie stand out from the Dragon Ball Super ones. Then our host has

When you think Doga Koba, images of fluffy characters and a solid dose of comedic flair will always come to mind. From its take on a lazy girl in Himouto! Umaru-chan and a humorous look into the gaming industry with New

Sometimes I find myself diving back into many squirm-inducing holes into my career. After all, writing about bad video games, anime, music, and manga are just a way for a critic to be able to show that they don't like