August 2013

Once in a great while, an anime series will come around that splits my opinions into two sides. On the left are my thoughts from a creative standpoint, and to the right are the opinions from a moralistic perception. Yet

King Baby Duck brings a semi-new format to the No Borders No Race realm, mirroring his old WMWM show just a little bit more, along with an explanation behind the regular B3 Podcast's hiatus. Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman

King Baby Duck sits down with Nerdy But Flirty writer Jessica Crosby, who recently posted an article about how video games helped her overcome her disability. Listen to both writers as they share their tales of finding out how they

Batshit crazy-pants insanity! Those were the words that left my mouth each time someone asked me what Saints Row IV was like. And there's no other way to really put it, whether it's in modern-day vernacular or Renaissance English. The latest

King Baby Duck has a few choice words regarding the recent Rolling Stone Best Live Acts list in a new No Borders No Race. After his rant he gets the music going towards your ear canal, with a fine blend

Growing up in the North Shore of Massachusetts I found myself surrounded by the past and current trends of farming, thanks in part to the Essex Agricultural High School in Danvers. Our highways had special underground tunnels for livestock to

A Thug in Time, a new game from Destructamobile, is a silly premise. Take a gang member in the present-day, drop him into different time eras, and have him collect crystals in order to save the world. Is it as

Blueonic returns from Vermont, with his belly filled with Ben & Jerry's and Dutch pancakes and his Canadian tolerance ever-so much lower than before. Hear what should be on every person's must-visit list, as well as a few spots to

Sometimes we need comedy for the sake of comedy. No real points, no morals or values, and created for the sake of a good laugh. Muromi-san (or Muromi on the Shore) is one such series that falls in this category.

Sometimes we all need to let the wild man take control. Let loose, pierce the adrenaline to the highest degree, and throw any sort of caution so far away that the wind has no real chance at catching up to