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"A Thug in Time" Fun, But Not At Its Prime

"A Thug in Time" Fun, But Not At Its Prime

A Thug in Time, a new game from Destructamobile, is a silly premise. Take a gang member in the present-day, drop him into different time eras, and have him collect crystals in order to save the world. Is it as fun as it sounds, though?

Throughout a course of 65 levels you'll be controlling the thug (who goes by the name of Kai) as you mow down Vikings, cowboys, gangsters, and even the creators of the world who have returned to destroy it. As you progress you'll earn coins and cash that can be used to buy new weapons and upgrades, as well as crystals needed to unlock the next level sections. These levels can range from protecting portals from being infiltrated by enemies, reaching checkpoint destinations, and your occasional escort missions.

I'm going to be very blunt and say that A Thug in Time gets repetitive fast. While it's cool to be taking on people of the past with rifles and badder weapons the entirety of the game will have you shooting and evading enemy fire. There are no puzzles to solve, no real character development, nor are there changes to the gameplay aspect. Just endless droves of enemies whose main task is to kill you. This can be a major buzzkill in escort missions, where I found either myself or the person I'm protecting dying near the end of each of these levels.

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