King Baby Duck brings a semi-new format to the No Borders No Race realm, mirroring his old WMWM show just a little bit more, along with an explanation behind the regular B3 Podcast's hiatus. Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman are given, as well as the gripes of how bad the new Killer Instinct's payment plan truly is. More bitching about sports-based video games being the same over again reaches critical mass, and our host tries his Broadway musical chops with his interpretation of an American Bleach musical. A quick review of Beck's Song Reader is mentioned, and a suggestion on how Rocksmith 2014 can one-up its predecessor.


  1. Peelander-Z - Ride On The Shooting Star (from the album Metalander-Z)
  2. Fujifabric - Mononoke Hakaranda (from the album Fab Fox)
  3. Queen Caveat - Undressed (from the EP Slap On The Wrist)
  4. Avengers in Sci-Fi - Nayutanized (from the album Avenger Strikes Back)
  5. school food punishment - futuristic imagination (from the albumĀ amp-reflection)
  6. The World Is Square - Ukulele de Chocobo (from the album No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now)
  7. melt-banana - Cannot (from the album Charlie)
  8. HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT - Snares (from the EP vacancy)
  9. Hannah Cranton - Kiss the Devil (from the album Without a Shadow of a Certainty)
  10. Kaela Kimura - Moustache (from the album Hocus Pocus)
  11. detroit7 - Riverside Waltz (from the album GREAT Romantic)
  12. The Broken Broadcast - Tip-Toe (So Long Goodbye) (official Bandcamp)
  13. Ellegarden - My Bloody Holiday (from the album Pepperoni Quattro)
  14. LAST ALLIANCE - HEKIREKI (from the album Keep on Smashing Blue)
  15. Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band - No Me Sa Sa (from the album Disco Dischordia)

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