September 2012

Sometimes even demons need some downtime; it's when they're caught in the act when things go south. Arkedo Studio's Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit shows exactly what happens when you screw with the leader of Hell and his alone time with his ducky.

Imagine having to deal with multiple dimensions at the same time, with all of them needing to line up equally with one another in order to move onto the next step. That's exactly what Father Octopus has done with its game Rite.

Once again I got sucked towards another table at Boston FIG, and got to try out this intersting side-scrolling game called Amelia Vs. The Marathon, brought to you by Trouble Impact.

Super Ghosts' four-person co-op title Bandit Party came out of left field from my perspective. It looks like something from the Atari 2600, but its crazy gameplay style feels wildly fresh.

Another game that I got to go hands-on with at the Boston Festival of Indie Games was called Gimbal Cop from Defective Studios. We had the company's co-founder Jono Forbes walk us though the game, which had a pretty interesting setup.

The first annual Boston Festival of Indie Games has come and gone, leaving behind a sign of success with a mixture of classic con funk!

Before I interviewed Electric Coffee Games' Ben Shippee, I sat down and gave a go of their first title Photons, a game that is only two months into the making of it and already had previews in a French competition!

Ah yes, Shakespeare. You've got to love the aspect of a updated/modern version of one of the classics of a Roman general who caused so much pain on people ending up becoming a Greek tragedy in the end. No Hollywood happy endings in Coriolanus, but I can tell you that Ralph Fiennes did a great job both as director and actor.


I like a good beat 'em up game like anyone else, whether it's a classic side-scroller like Streets of Rage or it's more third-person-styled such as God of War or MadWorld. When a game comes along that not only makes a chore out of the genre, but mocks the intelligence of the fan base, it can truly leave a vulgar taste in my mouth. Such is the case of Qooc Soft's first foray into video games: Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior Rises.