I like a good beat 'em up game like anyone else, whether it's a classic side-scroller like Streets of Rage or it's more third-person-styled such as God of War or MadWorld. When a game comes along that not only makes a chore out of the genre, but mocks the intelligence of the fan base, it can truly leave a vulgar taste in my mouth. Such is the case of Qooc Soft's first foray into video games: Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior Rises.

Taking place in ancient China, warrior General Loh is set up into a trap of betrayal by his own brother. Exiled from his kingdom Loh must search for Master Mo and set up an attack against the rebel forces, who have transformed his kingdom into a place of greed and violence. From his training and his battles Loh discovers all he needs to take down his brother, avenge his father, and bring peace once again to the empire.

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