The first annual Boston Festival of Indie Games has come and gone, leaving behind a sign of success with a mixture of classic con funk!

In a special Podcast episode the B3 crew chats with three developers of some fantastic indie games. First King Baby Duck talks with Alex Schwartz and Kate Mann of Owlchemy Labs about Jack Lumber, a game that's perfect for those who hate trees, but love woodland creatures and their grandma! Next Blueonic interviews Ben Shippee of Electric Coffee Games, whose title Photons takes the sheer feeling of darkness and makes it scary as hell! Finally KBD yucks it up with Fire Hose Games' Eitan Glinert about Go Home Dinosaurs, a game that will explain how the giant reptiles really died out!

It's short, sweet, and above all edutaining! (Yes, we know that's not really a word!) It's Go Home Joel Schumacher: A Boston FIG 2012 Podcast Special!

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