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August 2010

Oh hell yeah, it can be Monday Night Combat at any time. The wait is finally over to play this sexy-ass game. It's fast-paced, brutal and all of the above if you can think of anything more gorgeous!

Yamada is your average high school student. She's pretty, popular and strong-willed. Like every high school girl she has but one dream: to obtain a hundred sexual partners. Wait...what? That can't be right!

Well hot damn, if it isn't one of my favorite TV shows turned into a video game!

The Bastards make sure those other guys don't have the cojones to take over their show!

Just when you think that Treyarch and Activision couldn't come out with anything more, they go beyond the Call of Duty to bring you this crazy beast of a game. Looking from the new video that I obtain from the recent email of the multi-player trailer, it's just absolutely mind-blowing.

Presenting the "official" premiere of B3's J-POP/Alternative music Podcast show!

Holy crap, it's Hydro Thunder! Oh how I missed you. I remember all the days of sitting in the arcade tossing quarter after quarter into your machine. Along with jumping from that machine to it's brother game Rush, I was always feeding my need for speed and awesome racing. This is a game that doesn't bring back memories for everyone, but it sure gets me to say "Back in the day..." I'm sure glad that this game has come back, although it might be only available as a download.

While the Duck is high in the clouds, Blueonic and Anvil take over recording duties to create a lively show.

It's sad to see a finely-written series meet their final destination, especially when it's Scott Pilgrim, whose adventures had been filled with video games, rock 'n' roll, ninjas, sexy girls with multi-colored hair and evil ex-boyfriends (and one evil ex-girlfriend). But Brian Lee O'Malley knew that all good things must come to an end, and with the final book Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour he makes sure to pull out all the stops and push its gigantic fanbase towards the conclusion that everyone was asking for.

The B3 members try their best to record after a day of celebrating and drinking. This will explain their raspy vocals during the episode.