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August 2010

This past Thursday King Baby Duck and Nenya sat down with Apocalyptica drummer Mikko Sirén before the band's performance at the Royale in Boston, MA.

A question for Apocalyptica intended as a joke results in an answer that no one expected.

King Baby Duck serves up another fresh music Podcast this week, with a little something extra added to the mix.

Yesterday the world lost truly one of the greatest animation directors of all time. Satoshi Kon, whose work included Perfect Blue, Paprika and Paranoia Agent, passed away at the age of 46 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Well here we go again with the crazed assholes that you hate to love.

Oh, how the Itis fails to keep a Bastard from speaking one's mind.

Okay, what the fuck people! I thought Mutant Chronicles was going to have more action. But NO!!! It left me high and dry. These somewhat all-star actors kind of got hosed in this movie, seeing that the actual writers of this film screwed the pooch. If I was an actor, and I was suffering for money, then I might've done this movie. Actually I would've rather slept in the gutter.

I'll admit that I've been quite skeptical of the anime world, no thanks in part to the amount of drivel that I had to watch last year. In the beginning of the year I was "tricked" into watching Ladies VS Butlers, a show with no plotline, useless fan-service and a vast amount of drivel that would even make a zombie blow its own head off. When I first got wind of Maid Sama! (or Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! as it's known in Japan) I didn't feel like being swindled yet again to watch a series that, on the surface, looked as if it'd be another lame-ass attempt at doing moé shenanigans with little-to-no texture to it. What a surprise: I turned out to really like this show.

Holy crap, Clarissa has gone CRAZY! (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!)

Don't worry: you're safe from any evil ex-boyfriends when the Bastards are around.