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October 2010

The Bastards believe thoroughly that it's better to be R.E.D. than dead.

It comes as no surprise that American animation companies still turn to Japan for inspiration. Cartoon Network has seen it work with the likes of The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans; Nickelodeon also tried it with My Life As A Teenage Robot and Kappa Mikey. This time Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack) gives another nod to the Rising Sun in the form of the new series Sym-Bionic Titan.

The Bastards bring you another cure for the daily blues.

It's time for another slice of musical cake, compliments of King Baby Duck.

The Bastards are visited by a slightly intoxicated Panda in this extended episode!

Like many of you I was a bit taken back by the fact that Retro Studios was not going to be involved with the new Metroid game. Considering how masterful and awe-inspiring the Metroid Prime trilogy was it would've seemed like a no-brainer for Nintendo to hire the Retro guys again for the next Samus adventure. Apparently that wasn't the case, and the folks at the Big N decided upon bringing Team Ninja (responsible for the Dead or Alive series and recent Ninja Gaiden games) to spruce up our red-and-orange heroine's world. What they conjured up was Metroid: Other M, a video game that manages to not only add to the spirit of the Metroid world, but also dives deep into Ms. Aran's past.

Repo Men was a pretty badass movie, but I believe it could've had a couple more badass moments.

The Bastards are in no need of being saved. They've got enough protection as is!

Otaku The Series Banner

When it comes to the portrayal of anime fans in the entertainment world, there's not much to find. Yes, there are snippets here and there in The Big Bang Theory, and there was that one episode of 30 Rock where James Franco was in love with an anime body pillow, but in the long run there hasn't been a single show that focused directly on people who liked Japanese animation. Fortunately Goldie Chan wants to change that with her new web show Otaku: The Series.

Yes, another movie from Netflix, since I didn't get to see in the theaters. For the best, as it was worth more watching The Fourth Kind in my home, rather than watching in a theater full of nimrods who scare easily. After watching this movie I slept better that night than I did in a long time.