It's time for another slice of musical cake, compliments of King Baby Duck.

What sort of tasty J-POP/alternative morsels do we have in store for you this time around? Check the menu below, and see if it makes you salivate:

  1. TsuShiMaMiRe - Strobe (from the album Sex On The Beach)
  2. Luminous Orange - Emerald Twins (from the album Vivid Short Trip)
  3. Busy Arms - Fine Tuned (from the album Take Out the Wood Stove, Tighten the Belt)
  4. 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Tsugi no Eki Made (from the album Vampire)
  5. midnightPumpkin - Jewel (from the single Sora Iro Mirai)
  6. Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man (from the album Sigh No More)
  7. Molice - Android said (from the album Catalystrock)
  8. m-flo - LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME (feat. Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen & Ryohei) (from the album COSMICOLOR)
  9. Kerli - Bulletproof (from the album Love Is Dead)
  10. My Way My Love - Captain (from the album Hypnotic Suggestion: 01)
  11. KOTOKO - siren (from the single Real Oni Gokko)
  12. Busdriver - Mr. Mistake (Bested By The Whisper Chasm) (from the album RoadKill Overcoat)
  13. OreSkaBand - Tsumasaki (from the album Wao!!)
  14. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - hate (from the album swamp man)
  15. Broken Bells - October (from the album Broken Bells)

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on JapanFiles,,, iTunes, the bands' official websites and (in some cases) at your local record stores.

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