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November 2010

With the opening of a new LoveSac store at the Burlington Mall King Baby Duck, Anvil and I had a chance to check out the different couches & sacs to review their comfort levels. In short: this is how a couch should be!

It's tough these days to keep gamers on their toes. With new horror and psychological games coming out month after month it gets harder and harder to freak out players and stay original. Alan Wake took a simple approach: create a dark atmosphere, and make the scariest moments the ones players don't see. With that Alan Wake manages to be more than just a game; it's an edge-of-your-seat ride with more twists and turns than your average Twin Peaks episode.

Hell yeah, EA has brought back one of the most awesome Need For Speed games, and it's just awesome to be playing the series again. The demo version of Hot Pursuit is just to hard to put down, considering I've been playing it for the past 12 hours!

2010 has become the year of nostalgia gaming. Scott Pilgrim VS The World gave us the feel of classic beat-em ups; Xbox's Game Room had players construct their own personal arcades and compete with other players; and recent adaptations of Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog have decidedly gone back to their roots. Now Space Invaders has made its return, in the form of the evolved Infinity Gene. Hail to the arcade king, baby!


Those looking for the next big band should conclude their search; the Bastards have found them. Meet Blood Red Shoes, an up-and-coming UK band that's already taken most of the world by storm.

Held at the Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA (next to the beautiful Gillette Stadium) the 2010 LoveSac Speedrun Classic was a night filled with gaming, music, tasty food 'n' drinks and all-out relaxation. King Baby Duck & Blueonic were invited to take in the festivities, and were able to experience the fun and excitement that filled the air at the small, private gathering.

I will admit that I am not an avid reader of the Harry Potter series, as I really couldn't get into the books at all. (Don't judge me.) However I am a fan of the films, so I have at least some knowledge of the world of Mr. Potter. I was also really big into Legos when I was a kid; even obtaining an annual subscription to their quarterly magazine for a few years. So when I heard about Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 I was intrigued with its concept. While there was a lot to be impressed with this game, I did have a few issues with the gameplay.

Move over ATV vs MX, because you might get nail'd by this competition. Another kick-ass racing game is on the horizon, remixed in a fashion where you take the game PURE and -- one of my old favorites -- Freekstyle and turn it into something completely out there.