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You've got "nail'd"!

You've got "nail'd"!

Move over ATV vs MX, because you might get nail'd by this competition. Another kick-ass racing game is on the horizon, remixed in a fashion where you take the game PURE and -- one of my old favorites -- Freekstyle and turn it into something completely out there.

Yes it's another racing game, but you've just got to love it. I get my thrills and spills from these types of games. This one especially caught my eye from the graphics they were showing from the trailer, but not only that the tracks they have compiled for this game look amazing.

They got a helicopter holding up a ramp! How badass is that?!

From what the nail'd website provides it shows they have four major places they race: the Andees, Greece, Arizona and Yosemite. As provide by the website it shows they have two round tracks for the Andees, two round & peak-to-peak tracks for Greece, three round & one peak-to-peak tracks for Arizona and one round & three point-to-point tracks for Yosemite. From the images provided on the official website the tracks are looking really badass; along with that I look forward to the adrenaline rush they say you'll get from playing these levels.

Look at the detail in this game. It's pretty sexy!!!

The racing vehicles that you'll be getting deals with the ATV and the Motocross bike. With that said the work that Techland and Deep Silver have done with nail'd looks pretty damn good. Once we get our hands on it, we will get the full-on review out to you as soon as your eyes can see it. (I have provided a couple more of their videos below, so check those out as well.)

Console/Platform:  Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Company: Techland, Deep Silver
Genre: Racing
Official Website (Click it!)

Also check out this website if you tend to suffer from white knuckle syndrome during gameplay.

They have a few more videos provided on the website, so stop reading and go check it out already!!!

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