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"Dog Days" Demo Looks Fine, Plays Rough

"Dog Days" Demo Looks Fine, Plays Rough

Well here we go again with the crazed assholes that you hate to love.

All righty then, Kane & Lynch are just a couple of people that have dealt with fucked up lives. If you haven't gotten to play the first one, and you jump into Dog Days you might be very confused. (It's a good idea to either rent, borrow, or buy the game. It should be wicked cheap now seeing that it's been out of for a while.) But the one thing I'm wondering is what kind of setup they are going to put you in, seeing how the first game ended two ways depending on how you played it. If you watch the video you can see a crazy thing that goes on with Kane in what seems to be either a bank robbery or an escape from someone. Then you see the most fucked up of the characters: Lynch. When he's sitting down with lunch you can see him looking at his pills. (Believe me: if you haven't seen the first game, he really needs them. I think that he has a psycho/schizophrenic personality disorder, which makes him go from his normal mood to a homicidal-raging douchebag.)

Lynch with a shotgun

In the demo, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days starts out with the actual video from above that plays into Lynch calling up a meeting time with someone. You then end up in a Chinese restaurant sitting with Kane & Lynch kind of hunched over their soup bowls, reminiscing all the messed up things that happened before. Before they can really start talking or complete a sentence, Kane screams out, "Holy shit, get down!" The duo ducks to the ground, and you start controlling Lynch in the demo. Playing it was kind of pissing me off, though. The actual third-person shooting isn't one of my strong points of gaming, unless it's like Gears of War 2. What I was feeling with this game was that it was hard to control the character. I played it a couple more times, however, and was getting better with the handling of the game. It really is a short demo, which is kind of a shitty deal.

I have to say the picture looks right. Playing as Lynch in the demo I got knocked down a lot, trying to figure out how to properly hide behind objects so that you don't get lit the fuck up. That said it seems like the demo was based around Lynch, considering that the first game dealt with choosing who you would like to actually play. It's something that has to wait for the full review once I get my hands on the game. Another issue dealing with Dogs Days is the running of the character. If you know how to run in real life, your run at a vertical angle in a straight method, but in this game it seems that you run at almost a 45-degree angle with a shitty camera to boot. (When you get to try out the demo you'll see what I'm talking about.)

As for the multi-player, I wasn't able to actually play it. I guess I got the demo at a bad time because no one was online to play against. However the online game seems like a great idea, but the only problem is that unless you're playing with friends, you won't know where these gamers live (so if they decide to back-stab you can go and kick their asses personally). It might be a long shot to actually find people that would be willing to help you and be considered a good back-up in your game.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions:

Well to give the Kane & Lynch 2 demo a rating for now I do have to say it is a very interesting gaming. The graphics they did in the videos are awesome, but the in-game graphics aren't too great. The movement of the characters are also a little jumpy and weird. They did create a good game with in-depth characters in the storyline, but if I was talking to the guys who created that game I don't want them to tell me they made this game messed up like this to put out to the masses. Along with that, Hollywood, if you do make this into a movie and you fuck it up, I will personally come after you because this is one of those games you can't mess with.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is available now.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Console/Platform:  PC, PS3, and Xbox 360
Company: Square Enix, IO Interactive
Genre: Shooter
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**** (out of five)

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