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R. Buckminster Fuller was a man with plenty of ideas, as well as the initiative to get said concepts done to the acclaim (and ridicule) of many. The man behind the inventions of the geodesic domes and the aerodynamic automobile known as the Dymaxion -- as well the first to coins such phrases as "Spaceship Earth," "ephemeralization," and "synergetics" -- was not so peculiar; rather his portrayal on stage in the one-man A.R.T. production R. Buckiminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe showed him as a being with much enthusiasm for what he discovers, and how he manage to accomplish so much with this new acquired information. The show answers two basic questions: who was this man they sometimes called Trimtab, and what did he do to better our society?

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Im Boston Saukerl Mannschaft, au Brigade Bâtard Boston, to Boston Bastard Brigade!

There are many moments in American Repertory Theater's production of Cabaret that made it an experience unlike no other. From its pre-show shenanigans and its stellar cast (led by Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer, playing the androgynous Emcee) to the audience participation and the beautiful costumes this adaptation of the Joe Masteroff/John Kander/Fred Ebb musical knew how to raise eyebrows and create certain moods that I've yet to bear witness to until this night.