October 2011

One-On-One gets its rocks on when Evanescence drummer Will Hunt calls in before his band's sold-out show at the Worcester Palladium.

In 2009 Rocksteady Studios rewrote the book on how to do a proper comic book-based video game with Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was dark, demented and represented everything we could have wanted in a Caped Crusader video game. As soon as it became a hit Rocksteady Studios set out to expand the Dark Knight's world, and in the end Batman: Arkham City was what was decided. Who would've guessed that this sequel would make its predecessor look like a Joel Schumacher film (post-Falling Down, of course).

Just when you thought that there cannot possibly be another tower defense game…

The folks from GamerReaction return to the Bastard realm for show that had its share of "technical difficulties."

What can be more scary than a hillbilly threatening to kill you for eyeing his daughter wrong? How about if he shot you with a garden gnome missile?

Last fall Squid Girl premiered to the world (at least the parts who had Crunchyroll), bringing in many laughs and cutesy scenarios featuring an underwater invader who's out to conquer the world that polluted her own. It was a no-brainer bringing it back for a second season, its formula fortunately unchanged.

One of mau5trap label's talented artists SOFI joins the B3 crew for a brand-new episode of the One-On-One series.

Welcome back, Burnout series! I thought you were gone, but what has happened to thee? It seems that you have lost your awesome graphics, exchanging them for some cartoon shenanigans. Along with that the in-car to third-person view to this far-away bird's-eye view doesn't help whatsoever. However you were able to keep the crash into cars and create what seemed to be an unlimited amount of explosions.

Japanese band SAWAS PHOOL joins King Baby Duck for another rendition of One-On-One.

At E3 this past year no Xbox 360 title impressed me more than Rise of Nightmares, a first-person free-roaming survival horror Kinect title. It had it all: creepy characters, smooth controls and some of the freakiest moments in gaming since Resident Evil 4. Does the full version give a shot of originality into the horror realm of gaming, or is Rise of Nightmares one Freddy short of a Krueger?