What can be more scary than a hillbilly threatening to kill you for eyeing his daughter wrong? How about if he shot you with a garden gnome missile?

A brand-new trailer for Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine hit the web yesterday, giving players a look at the mower-riding character Hazard Hicks. Here's a quick bio from the press release before the video:

An eclectic farmer from North Carolina, Hazard was recruited to join the over the top competition by Jimmie himself after the champ witnessed him leading police on a high-speed chase in his custom mower. When he’s not out racing, Hazard Hicks also enjoys distilling moonshine and chasing suitors away from his eldest daughter with a squirrel gun.

Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine races past the checkered flag on November 1 on all three consoles.

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