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King Baby Duck serves up another fresh music Podcast this week, with a little something extra added to the mix.

Don't worry: you're safe from any evil ex-boyfriends when the Bastards are around.

Presenting the "official" premiere of B3's J-POP/Alternative music Podcast show!

Attention Bastards, Bastettes and Wenches! ElectricSistaHood Magazine is ready to be viewed with your very own eyes!

While the King is away on a trip (and the next episode of B3 in post-production), the Bastards would like to present a sneak preview of a (possible) upcoming side-Podcast show.

Calling all bastards, bastettes, wenches, sistahs, brothas, geeks, jocks, otaku, gamers and all-out lovers of pop culture! We've got a shameless plug for you to bite down on and swallow like a tasty chocolate morsel!

About three years ago a small Irish indie film called Once made waves across the world with its wonderful music and vibrant characters. The two lead roles (named in the film Guy and Girl) were played by the Frames’ Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová respectively; better known as the duo The Swell Season.  Hansard and Irglová both wound up winning an Oscar for the song “Falling Slowly,” one of the best songs of the last decade.  Last year the duo returned with the new album Strict Joy, walking in familiar grounds and drawing listeners in once again.

Every successful band runs into it: the sophomore album confrontation. It is here where musicians must face head-on their second release following a critically-acclaimed debut album. Some artists have fallen apart here, whereas others treaded forward triumphantly. For Mutemath and their newest album Armistice, they have fought through victoriously; though not without a couple of battle wounds.

It has been over a year since I've had any involvement with King Baby Duck and Blueonic, but as time as gone by the pang of not putting out good music for the masses has become too strong. And here I am not as "Codename Brad," but as Leraine (or "Rain" for short). For those of you who don't know me I'm currently a Sophmore/Junior at Salem State College, and will be reviewing mostly books/music/manga. Of course I'll be taking request on what books and music I should review or may like and post up a review. Today we'll look at OK Go's recent album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

If your want some really good rap music that will blow your mind, here it is.