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August 2020

In myths and folktales, there are stories of majestic beasts that go beyond the imagination of common people. Whether they’re based out of Asian, European, or Native American backgrounds, these characters bring forth a multitude of magic and tales of

Everything goes back to normal in the NBNR realm, as King Baby Duck looks at both the new Justin Roiland series Solar Opposites and the anime Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! But our host brings forth a new segment that

Whatever you do, no matter how enticing it may seem, do not feed the monkeys. This warning appears all throughout Fictiorama Studios’s coincidentally-titled Do No Feed The Monkeys. At times, the idea of feeding the monkeys teases you, giving you incentive

Although a certain virus is ruining a lot of people’s fun, it didn’t affect the anime community too much. While some series were delayed until this current summer season, there still was a good mixture of new and returning series

Two years ago, developers ARVORE concocted a virtual experience that brought players to the realm of 1989. Aptly titled Pixel Ripped 1989, the game was met with much critical acclaim, winning many awards all over the world. Seeing if lightning

First off, this isn't a review of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, as I've already done that. My feelings about the game as a whole are much the same. Instead, I'll going to go over the strengths and weaknesses

“Jonny Polonsky is a true original. His music should be celebrated everywhere” – Mark Lanegan With a sultry voice, Jonny Polonsky can hypnotize anyone who lends an ear. Perhaps it's because he's learned a thing or two working alongside Johnny Cash or Neil Diamond,

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is all about the underdogs. The story of The Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster places a spotlight on the heroes that do great things with very small powers. So it can get very exciting to see