April 2019

King Baby Duck has come down with a double-bad case of Con Fatigue Syndrome and Post-Con Depression, neither of which he's never experienced in the past! So to keep him a bit more relaxed so as to finish up his

Devolver Digital as a publisher has had lots of indie games over the years, and every so often it publishes one that reminds me of a Nintendo first-party game. Pikuniku in particular reminds me of Hal Laboratories' BOXBOY series, both being

Gal*Gun never released on either the Xbox 360 or PS3 in the West, with its follow-up Double Peace getting localized thanks to PQube. Double Peace, much like the original, was a rail-shooter that -- while offering options to make your experience

Elves, strange creatures, and even one heroic android are what's to come this July from the folks over at Section23 Films! Kicking things off on July 2nd is the incredibly zany Those Who Hunt Elves! When an unlikely trio of humans find themselves

Fred Abong has had quite the stellar career. A bassist in such bands as Rhode Island Music Hall of Famers Throwing Muses (who were also the very first US act signed to the iconic label 4AD Records), and the Grammy-nominated

Consider it a good thing when other writers come in to aid with a main series' spinoff. Imagine the lack of sleep Kohei Horikoshi would have if it was only his hand that wrote & drew the entirety of My

Fans of J-POP will want to find themselves in Los Angeles one day before Anime Expo 2019, as OTAQUEST has announced a major live event for July 3rd at the Microsoft L.A. Live! The one-night-only live concert will feature live concert performances

We're just a couple of days away from Anime Boston, and King Baby Duck is excited to bring back his 18+ game show to the masses! But first, he needs to talk about something that's been on his chest for

Whenever I read a work by Aki Irie, there always seems to be a certain spark of magic that's present around me. Her series Ran and the Gray World has demonstrated such a fleeting feeling as I turn each page,

Just about every trope has been done in the romantic comedy world. From star-crossed lovers and bad first dates to series surrounding on waiting for someone to confess their love to their crush, it's all been visited in nearly every