February 2013

If you're wondering what MOGA stands for, well...I don't have a clue, but it sure helps with the gaming on the cellphone (along with other fun features you've got see to believe). Plus I love the commercial!

After recovering from their first live show in a long time the Bastards reconvene for another new B3pisode!

There are a plethora of running games out there available on mobile phones (Subway Surfers, Grim Joggers, Punch Quest, etc.), but what stands out about each of these titles is its character. Last week a new running title was released from RunWilder (the same guys who brought us the barfing buddy OzGood), bringing us a new protagonist sure to make many people laugh and cheer. His name: Burt Destruction, and he's ready to party till everything is smashed to pieces!

The big day is here, and tonight the Bastards and Issues Program crew go live to chat about Sony's huge reveal!

They blew us away when they opened for Flogging Molly, now the Bastards' favorite new artists Skinny Lister sit down for a very candid interview!

TheDCD stumbles out of bed and unexpectedly into the Bastards' lair in an all-new episode.

Let me be frank: role-playing games are my least go-to genre in the video game realm. Sure I've played a plethora of titles -- from Final Fantasy adventures and a couple Tales games to Skies of Arcadia (my all-time favorite in the genre) -- but it's usually difficult for me to get into this style of gaming. Is there anything that could draw me into diving headfirst into the RPG realm no questions asked? Sure enough, Level-5 knew how to do just that with Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch.

The Boston Bastard Brigade are sad to report that there will be no new Podcast episode this week due to the recent snowstorm.

Back in 2009 I came across an anime series called Seitokai no Ichizon (translated here as The Student Council's Discretion), which featured five students in a student council discussing their lives, opinions, and thoughts regarding the rules of their school. The series mostly took place in a single room, with almost no changes in the settings and pace of the program. Despite this Twelve Angry Men approach to animating the series, the show delivered a lot of surprising laughs, especially when it came to poking fun of itself. (Watch the first couple minutes of the first episode, and you'll see how good they do this.) Now after over three years of waiting a new season has come to fruition, and while they change the formula a bit the chuckles still keep coming at the same pace as before.

It's something when an opening act has the gusto and power to nearly steal the show from the headlining act. An event such as this happened last week when we went to see Flogging Molly, when a five-piece band from London, England came marching onto stage and took the audience by storm. Called Skinny Lister the group tore through their tracks with zest and the sort of domination one would seem more fit for a festival crowd of 30,000. The band proved themselves as an amazing live act, but does that energy tread well in a studio album? In Skinny Lister's debut album Forge & Flagon the answer is a resounding yes.